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Quote of the day

I’ve never thought that any education is a waste of time or money.

I’ve discovered that learning new things keeps your mind active and engaged and staves off dementia and other neurological disorders.

I’ve always loved learning, I’m a school geek, book nerd geeky kid who has never outgrown the love of the smell of books. Old books with their rough and uneven pages are fun to touch.  Hard bound  books with dented corners have seen a lot of love and are most appreciated by me. Reading the interesting stories of people who live halfway around the world, and the stuff they see and live through and experience is just fascinating to me.

So when someone tells me, “oh, I’m too old for that”, I look at them like they are crazy and are going to end up covered in cobwebs. Like in the movies when people are running from scary monsters in the woods and they come across this old, dilapidated house with creaky doors that slam shut after they are opened, only to find that spiders have taken over anything that was left with their spider webs, and there is a skeleton in a chair covered in spider webs in the corner…

yeah, that’s what I imagine someone looking like who says “oh, I’m too old for that”

I never want to look like that.

Here’s to always looking good, at any age.


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