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The holidays are here? I hadn’t noticed…

christmas lights 2009
And honestly, that’s how I feel. With all the crap I’ve been through this year – my MIL illness and death, marriage issues, tight finances, and the ever increasing intolerance of the heat and humidity due to peri-menopause – the last thing on my mind has been sending out Christmas cards or shopping for gifts.

Although I did put up some lights around the house. And a few ornaments here and there.

But really, who, besides my 70 year old mother (or others her age), sends cards anymore? I’m glad we’re saving trees by not sending cards, but I do miss getting letters in the mail. It’s nice to get something besides junk mail, and the fact that someone thought of me to send me a card is thoughtful. It just warms my heart.

Since I am trying to simplify, and not aquire things, not doing all this shopping has been a great relief to me.

Maybe that’s the introvert in me?

I’d rather just spend time with the people I care about than buy them something. And if I do buy them something, it will be thoughtful, rather than in a heated shopping rush.

And isn’t that more important, especially at this time of year? To spend time with those you care about?



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