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Rescue mission

So it’s 347a here and I’m out on the back porch having some tea, puppies lying at my feet, listening to the sound of the rain. It’s cool out, most comfortable and serene.

The reason I am awake is because I just completed a rescue mission of removing a rat I found running around my bathroom. I don’t know if the cats brought it in and forgot about it, or if it found its own way in, but every night for the past 4 nights, right around this time, I’ve heard it wandering about. A couple times Anna had it cornered, but it got away.

Once I saw it and knew where it was, I closed the bathroom door and got to figuring out how to remove it from my house without any bloodshed.

I’m not good with stuff like that, yuck, it makes me nauseous.

I got Wolfie in the bathroom with me to help out. You know, being a cat and all you’d think she’d had some mad rat catching skillz. NO. She stood by the closed door and watched the thing run around the room.

It ran right in front of her you know. At one point, it even tried to hide between her and the door.

FER CRYIN OUT LOUD! Cat! DO something!

*grumble grumble* doesn’t even earn her food around here, acting like that


FINALLY After 10 minutes, Wolfie decides to “spring” into action by grabbing the rat by her mouth when it runs right in front of her.

After that, of course, the thing is terrified and tired and decides to “hide” by hanging from the water line behind the toilet.

I very cautiously and gently take the pillow case I have been chasing it around the room with, and with my hand – and part of my arm – covered, I grab it by its tail and put it in the pillow case.

With it secured in the case, I put on a long sleeve shirt, some shoes, and release it out in the front yard. After a second of wondering where it now is, the little critter wanders off.

“Charlene”, you say, “you are crazy to attempt to catch it, why don’t you just kill it?”

Yoga teaches of ahimsa, which is the act of non-violence. The rat did nothing to harm me, and it just wants to live peacefully, like we all do.

Now, I will try to go back to sleep. Happy dreams to you all.


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