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I love you, really…

In my latest relationship, he wanted to do everything together; grocery shopping, errand running, taking a nap, laundry, dog park, bike riding, you name it we HAD to do it together. And if I said no, it felt like the end of the world. There was arguing and whining and pouting and no amount of explaining would make up for the personal pain I (unconsciously and unknowingly) caused this guy. I could not win, and then I got the silent treatment for days.

But that’s another story and his issue.

I think being a woman and feeling/acting this way is extremely confusing for most people, since women are traditionally very social, and throw in an intimate relationship with a man and he is dumbfounded. As much as I reassure that “everything is fine, I’m ok really, we don’t have to do everything together. I’m ok and yes, I still love you”, it doesn’t sink in.
But it is ok, really, that we don’t spend every waking moment together, because for me, that gives us something to talk about. The different experiences we have give us conversation, and we don’t end up getting bored with each other or on each other’s nerves by constantly being together. It’s when I’m not at all interested in talking to you, or don’t want to spend any time with you, that’s when you need to be concerned.

Alas, he still didn’t get it.  


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