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Monday Motivation

I have heard of Susan Cain, but had never heard her talk before. She makes me feel less weird about being an introvert. I am learning to get over the “stigma” or apprehension or preconceived notions about being an introvert and what that means.

I am proudly ok with being an introvert, I am finally comfortable enough in my own skin that being this way doesn’t bother me, I don’t feel awkward about it, nor do I feel a need to change for others acceptance or feel that I need to make excuses for my behavior. Fer cryin out loud, it’s not like I’m a felon or something, I just happen to behave a little differently from others. There are lots of different people in the world. I am the pensive, creative introvert. It’s ok, everything is fine.

I hope you are fine today too.


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