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A haircut changed my life

As much as I loved my long hair, it just got to be too hot to handle.

bun head

No pun intended. 

Too much maintenance, it took too long to dry, and I was always wearing it up because  it’s so damn humid here.

So I cut it just below my shoulders. Then the nape of my neck. Then, after mowing the grass one Saturday, I said to hell with it and cut it short.

Have you ever had this happen to you? You go to the hair cutting place, show them a photo, talk about it, think you’re on the same page, and you walk out of there looking nothing like the photo?

Yeah, that’s what happened.

I started to freak out. Shit, she cut off a lot of hair. I can feel the air on the back of my head. What the hell just happened?! Oh crap, people are going to think I look like a boy!

But, that’s not what happened.

I got a lot of compliments. I got a lot of oohs and ahhs and ‘so pretty!’. I got ‘look at yo sexy self’, and even a few ‘come hither’ looks. After all I’ve been through lately, it was just the shot in confidence I needed. I feel like the haircut was a positive pivot point in my life. Unlike Samson, my shorn hair has given me strength and confidence that I haven’t had in years. And it’s shaved (pun intended) precious minutes on my morning grooming routine. I wake up and I look this good! Amazing!


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