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Lazy Sunday

This is what happens when you spend too much time at the dog park.

The weather has been weird lately. Well, maybe not weird, but typical of Florida towards the end of hurricane season. Nevertheless, I don’t remember it being this rainy and damp and humid so often for so long. Although, with the overcast weather, it has not been so hot. 

The dog park was full of people today, and dogs, and people and dogs I had never seen before. It’s like suddenly we got a huge influx of new people who just discovered the dog park.

It’s still over cast and is expected to be rainy for most of the day. In fact, it’s raining right now. This is the best kind of weather for napping, and for yoga. Love rain and yoga. 

Anyway, Lola seems to have found her “wild animal instinct” as I found her with two small dead animals recently. One this morning on the dog pillow before we went to the park, and again, on the dog pillow in the living room after I fed them and we came home from the park. I gave her treats to distract her so I could take it away. After snacking, she went looking for it. I couldn’t tell what they were. Maybe baby squirrels? 

She does like to guard the house at night. 

Have a restful day. 


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