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Why elastic is my friend

WHAT?! No elastic in the waistband? Ain't nobody got time for that.

Elastic is my friend.

There, I said it. I admit that I am comfortable in elastic waist banded clothes, and that stretchy fabrics are manna from heaven. Soft cottons make me sleepy and hemp clothing is not only sustainable but light and airy.

I don’t like buttons on my clothes, except for the ones that hold up my pants. If I can’t pull a shirt up over my head in one quick pain-free motion, I’m not wearing it.

I’m a t-shirt destroyer.
My husband’s words.
I’ll cut the arms and neckline of a t-shirt I like just to make it more comfortable to wear.
Read last paragraph about pulling a shirt over my head.

I. Don’t. Wear. Jeans.
Too uncomfortable, stiff, and there is NO elastic in the waistband.

Need I say more?


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