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Monday motivation


So I have these leftover pieces from the bags that I’ve made. I don’t really want to throw them out, but not sure what to do with them. Then Wolfie came along and gave me an idea: cat toys! While I was working with the material, she kept pawing at the leftover pieces. She seemed to enjoy it, so I thought, “why not?” Let’s see what I can do with it.


Wolfie decided to supervise.

I took some of the smaller pieces and folded them in half. I measured 5″ from the fold to make a line for sewing. This would be the handle.


I took two, or three, longer pieces and put them inside the handle piece at the sewing line. I sewed across at the sewing line,


…down the side, then across again at the ends of the handle piece, then back up the other side. I used a leather needle and heavy duty sewing thread in black.


And VOILA! cat toys!


Wolfie approved.

Do you, or your cat, think you’d like one? How about one for free? I’ll have these with me this Saturday at the Big Bang Bazaar and you can have one FREE with a minimum purchase of $20, all you have to do is mention “cat toy” at time of purchase. I have a limited amount for the Bazaar, so get there early, get a swag bag, and pick up a free cat toy, kitten approved.

See you there!


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