Monday Motivation


So over the weekend I finished my 100 swag bag items for the Big Bang Bazaar.

I amazed and astounded myself. Really.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

I thought "100 items, cheese and crackers, how am I going to get that done? It’ll take forever and what am I going to make and how am I going to find the time, blah blah blah"

Then I thought of micromovements to get it done. One day I got out all my supplies and moved them to the living room so I could work on them while resting near the couch and puppies.

because couches and puppies are so comfy to be around, amirite? They just make everything all better.

The next day I went through my supplies and decided what I was going to use. It had to be simple, only a couple components to each item, otherwise I’ve got too much stuff going on at one time and then I become that mosquito at a nudist camp.

Then I started making them in units of 10. 10 is an easy n umber to handle and count. Once I made a unit of 10 I put them in a plastic baggie and set them aside.

And how about that, the next thing I know I’ve made 100.

It’s amazing how well these micromovements work for me, and how much I actually get accomplished in a short amount of time without even realizing it.

Have you tried micromovements? Do they work for you? Have you made any adjustments so it fits your life better?

tell me.


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