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Quote of the day


Do you ever get this feeling? Sometimes I almost feel like in a perpetual state of anxiety, trying to figure out what to do first, especially if I’m working on a crafty project.

I’ll have all the stuff ready and available, I have all my tools and supplies, but if I have too much around, it starts to clog my brain. So I have to have a clean and clear work space. Or I’ll get distracted by some other bright, shiny object and totally get sidetracked and not do what I set out to do. This is where micro-movements come in handy.

And lists, lists and reminders are very important. Whether paper or digital, lists and reminders are so handy. And micro-movements.

So now I need to make a list of what I need to accomplish this weekend. I’m halfway done with the Big Bang Bazaar swag bags, and I really need to work on some decent photos of my work to post, as well as work on an attractive table display.

A little bit at a time gets the job done. No stress. Oh, and I’ll probably do some restful swimming this weekend too. More like, just hang out at the pool. No, I can’t tan, so don’t ask. Lots of sunscreen for me. No yard work this weekend as it’s too damn hot.

Enjoy your weekend.


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