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Lazy Sunday

girls in the backyard June 2015

Anna is looking for lizards and Lola is keeping watch. We aren’t outside much during the days now as it’s way too hot after 10a, so we wait until after 7p. I do some yard work and puppies “help” me.  After “helping” me yesterday, we went swimming in the neighbors pool. Anna loves to swim, and she’s pretty good at it too. And no, she doesn’t swim in circles.

People think that since she’s missing one of her front legs. 

The swimming is so much better for her body than running as it doesn’t put much pressure on her front leg. It’s a saltwater pool too, so it’s much better for the skin. Anna and I did a few small laps, Duke paced the pool anxiously, making sure we were ok; and Lola just ran around the yard looking for who knows what.

After that, we came home and went straight to bed. Swimming is great for making them tired too, we’ll need to do this more often.

Enjoy your day.


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