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Quote of the day


I used to think karma was some mystical woo-woo thing that only happened to certain people that cast the “correct” spell to get it to work. As my life has progressed, I think it’s less mystical woo-woo spell casting than it is just living by the golden rule. When I’ve been crabby and bitchy and selfish, that usually came around and bit me in the ass. Then I would whine and cry about how the world was so unfair to me.

When I decided to be kind and patient and giving and selfless ~

Not a doormat thank you there is a difference ~

My life started to be a little easier with a lot less whining and crying and gnashing of teeth. And once I started to see more good things coming my way, I saw how karma works.

All that selfishness and anger and attitude takes a lot of energy that I just don’t have the time for, it can be put to better use elsewhere.

May your karma restaurant only be filled with the best things you love.
Enjoy your weekend.


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