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Wolfie – my natural pest control agent


So around midnight last night I wake up to this incessant meowing. And not the kind of meowing where she wants to eat or be petted, this was the meowing of someone on a mission and she had something to say. She was telling me she had something important to show me and I need to get up NOW and check it out

otherwise she would just keep meowing and then the dogs get involved because Wolfie is advertising something and I don’t need some reenactment of a wild Kingdom episode in my house.

For those of you with cats, you know this meow. It’s the meow that makes me think “oh crap, what did she bring me now”

So I drag my tired ass out of bed and find her in my crafty room – gasp! – of all places, and she is hovering around a small mouse she brought me. No worries, it was still intact, I guess the poor thing was just scared to death.

So I thanked her for thinking of me and being such a helpful cat, gave her some treats as a distraction, picked up the poor creature in a plastic bag, and hung the bag on the outside door handle until I could properly dispose of it this morning.

Never a dull moment around here.


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