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A bright idea


Talk about a lucky day at the thrift store; I went yesterday looking for a new vase for a plant for my boss, and I decided to look for some heavy duty material for the back of the car.

We have a vw wagon, so the back seats fold down to make more room if we’re traveling with puppies and bringing stuff with us. The back seats are usually down.

For now, to protect the back seats, we’ve been using a large piece of heavy duty plastic to cover them. It’s effective, but not very efficient nor attractive. The plastic doesn’t give very well when moved so it can be cumbersome to work with. I wanted to find that padded outdoor tablecloth material to use instead, but what I found was even better!

In looking through housewares I found this heavy material that was backed with this plastic coated/infused lining. It was perfect! And only $7! So not only did I find something better than what I was looking for, it was cheap, a perfect fit, it’s washable, and I didn’t have to buy anything brand new! And the fancy pattern makes me feel, well, a little fancy myself.

And you know I’m not.

Have you ever found a really good deal, better than what you were looking for,  at the thrift store? Isn’t it awesome? Like winning the lottery.



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