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Quote of the day


You bet I’ll  be doing a lot of resting this weekend. I think the combo of Zumba and yoga have strained my back, so I’ll be taking it easy.
Puppies and kittens and I will be taking it easy. I need to finish those new cat toys I had a design for and test those out.

My neighbor has quite a few cats and I ask her to be my test subject for toys and such since she has a larger test group to gather data from. It all sounds very scientific, doesn’t it? Like I could almost write a research paper with this info and have it published, with footnotes and references to boot. All APA style, of course.

Other than that, taking photos of my latest creations, puppies to the park, and I have a cookie mix I want to make. Ahhh, the fun times of an adult.

Enjoy your day.


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