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Monday motivation


I told you about the hat contest, right? So yesterday I was busy stitching away. I’ve finished all but the inside ribbon, that covers the raw edges and goes around the crown of the head. Considering it’s my first one, I think it turned out pretty good. I need to get some fake flowers to give it some flair.

In making these hats, I’m using up some old material,  and when I say “old”, I mean material I’ve been hanging onto for years and haven’t done anything with, not old material that is fraying and decaying from age. It’s part of my effort to use what I already have and to think creatively. I like to challenge myself every so often in this way, just to see if I can do it and surprise myself. I have enough left over material anyway and it saves me a few bucks, so what the hell? It’s like I’m repurposing all over again, it gives me warm fuzzies on the inside and I feel good.

Have you challenged yourself like this? A self-imposed challenge to see what you can do?
Thanks for sharing.


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