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Today is a good day

I’ve been practicing gratitude (a lot) lately and remembering all that I have to be thankful for. I woke up to a beautiful day, lots of puppy love next to me, and so many birds singing outside. My backyard is half sand, half weeds, but it’s my backyard dammit, and amongst all the sand and weeds are my garden boxes which support me now with collards and kale and lettuce and some tomatoes (that I hope didn’t totally freeze when it was cold here a little over 3 weeks ago.)

I say this not to be preachy, but more of a reminder to myself. You see, today is one year ago that my MIL was diagnosed with cancer. She’s still hanging in there, gratefully, and we cannot take for granted for how much longer she will be here. None of us really knows how much longer any of us will be here.

So when I wake up to a beautiful day, with lots of puppy love, a weed filled yard holding together some garden boxes full of vegetables with the birds singing some lovely songs, I can’t help but pass along the gratefulness.

Enjoy your day.


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