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Quote(s) of the day

​I’ve probably posted this one before, but it’s a good one to remember.
I know we all get wrapped up in our own heads that we sometimes forget that we’re not the only ones with problems. And, I hope, that me/you/our problems aren’t so bad that we cannot overcome them. Whenever I think that things are so bad, I stop and remember how much I do have, and how grateful I am to have it. Hell, I’m grateful for weeds because that means I have a yard that I can work in, which means I have a body that is able enough to pull the damn things.

​A very dear friend of mine had (has?) a brother. His birthday is today. She asked me to toast him tonight in honor of his birthday. You see, for him, his problems got to be so bad that he ended his journey. He is no longer here for her to call him up and wish him ‘happy birthday!’

I’ve never experienced such a loss (and I hope never to) and I can only guess at how unbearable it is to live with. Besides the many organizations out there that assist in suicide prevention, counseling, and outreach, there is one that I particularly like that started out just as a place for people to tell their secrets. It’s been a place of great comfort for thousands and has helped quite a few along the way. It’s a great resource, I check it out every week. I’m not saying I’m suicidal, but it is a good place to go to feel like you’re not alone in your problems. To feel safe and sometimes to see some pretty funny pictures.

​So just for today be grateful. Be kind. Be loving and compassionate. And if you can’t do that, stay home in your pajamas.

Have a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “Quote(s) of the day

  1. So true, when we think of it, there is so much to be grateful for, things we just take for granted. And so humbling, to remember that life can also be a hard battle, and it can be so for any of us. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s brother (and for everyone else who looses the battle). Thanks for a thought provoking post.

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