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Monday Motivation

So the show was fun and a big success! We had a sold out house and even ran out of wine. (read: I didn’t get any)

On another note, I didn’t win “most wearable” (I was robbed!), but it was a fun experience and gave me some pointers and insight and ideas for next year. And next year they should be holding it in a larger venue.
Catherine was *estatic* to be part of the whole event and she loved the raincoat. We had a chance at intermission to mingle with the guests and have everyone get a closer look at the outfits and it was a chance for the guests to vote for ‘audience choice’. (I didn’t win that either)

T2T profile no frame

The audience was impressed (by the oohs and ahhs I heard) at the fact that it was made from last years banner, and when we had a chance to mingle, we had everyone we could touch it. The material is amazingly soft and it was so easy to wear. I’m going to keep it myself and I’ll probably wear it.

T2T close up

It was an early evening too, we were finished by 9p, which is great for an old lady like me. I was asleep on the couch by 1030p. All in all, a good evening.


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