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I’ve never been very exact

I’ve tried to be, but it just never seemed to work out very well for me.

Whenever I would cut out a pattern, or take a measurement, or even pin material together, everything had to be just perfectly exact. Right on the money, no wavering whatsoever because if it wasn’t exact, it wasn’t gonna turn out right.

I used to get so stressed out about that and beat myself up because nothing would stay together straight and things kept moving or cut off center and then if it weren’t together straight – I thought – it would just look like crap.

Then I started to forgive myself a little bit. I let go of that need to be exact, just right. I refuse to say ‘perfect’ because nothing is ever perfect, but things can be ‘exact’ and measured correctly so that they match up just right.

So nowadays I use my measuring tools as a guide, not so much a hard and fast rule that has to be adhered to like that glue they use on the post office priority mail shipping boxes.

that stuff is tough!

I end up using the tried and true, time tested method of “eye-balling it”. If it looks close enough, it’ll work.

And it usually does. It sure saves me a lot of stress. And things turn out just fine.


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