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micro movements…and a dream, part 2

So the other day I told you about my dream, and in it about how I procrastinated, and threw something together at the 11th hour, and how this dream resonated with me and I woke up with renewed vigor to do something totally different.

Which I did, and I have, and I continue to do. ​

So not only did the dream speak to me on such a fundamental level, but it spoke to me on another level. A subconscious, psychological level.

Since I’m such a big fan of psychology.

1. – I can procrastinate. Lots of people procrastinate. That’s why there’s so many self-help books and websites on how NOT to procrastinate.

2. – FULL DISCLAIMER – I’ve been known to throw crap together at the last minute, and it doesn’t always turn out so good. And I’ve done this for a psychological reason – because I didn’t feel I was good enough. If I’m not good enough, then I’ll put together crap, right?

I’m no designer – by trade or official education – but I like to create and I like to sew. So who says that what I make isn’t good enough?

No one – but myself.

So I’ve decided to put aside those negative thoughts. What the hell do I need that crap for anyway? It doesn’t serve me, isn’t true, and is total bullshit.

I’ll do my best and have a good time at it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll win “most wearable”.

Put aside negative thoughts and do your best today.


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