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micro movements…and a dream, part 1

So I’ve started work on my project for the T2T show this month –

the one I’m very excited about, and nervous about, and excited about –

and I had a fearful dream the other night. I say ‘fearful’ because it’s what I’m afraid will happen (knowing myself and how I operate as I do sometimes)…

The dream was that I had the material, and I had the time and other resources (space, talent, etc) to work on my project, but I hesitated and procrastinated to such an extent that I hurriedly threw some half-assed project together at the 11th hour for the show, and it looked awful. I was embarrassed; I was embarrassed for me, for my model, and people looked at me with such disbelief and sorrow. It was pitiful.

So I woke up with a renewed interest and vigor to change my habit. I’ve made time to work on the project in small, manageable bits. For example: this past weekend I drew out the pattern pieces, laid them out on the material, cut them out, and sewed the pockets on the front. That’s a big step, but in small, manageable bits. This weekend, I’ll sew the rest together.

(This is my prototype, below. I’ll practice on this before I make the final product.)

I first learned about micro movements from SARK. I started reading her books years ago and thought they were such simple, creative genius, I’ve been following her ever since. I used to get so frustrated and overwhelmed myself with the thought of so much to do in such a short time, that I didn’t complete anything. Now, I find that micro movements are so easy, they keep me on track, and I finish stuff.

I’ll finish the raincoat this weekend, and I’ll finish my thought on my dream on Thursday. See you then.
I hope you finish stuff today too.


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