new uses for old things

While visiting my sister in AZ recently, we did a lot of thrift store shopping.

(that’s our thing, you know, thrifting. You can find some of the best stuff at great prices by going to thrift stores. So awesome.)

I found yards of fabric to use for bags, I found some great clothes, and some trinkets that I liked but wasn’t sure what to do with them, but knew I’d find a use for them.

I love the design on this ceramic piece, and by looking at it, I’d say it was an ashtray in its former life.
I’ve been using some thick material lately and regular sewing pins don’t cut it, so I’ve been using office binder clips. So guess what this former ashtray does now?

Voila! A mah-ve-lous & stylish new container for my clips! It’s perfect because it’s shallow, so I don’t have to dig too far to find a clip. The mug next to it has some nice earthy colors and is perfect for holding my small scissors and crayons and pencils that I use for marking without denting the tips, ‘cuz it’s shallow too.

I’m all about the recycling. And fun shopping at thrift stores.
Have you found anything fun and exciting at a thrift store lately? What is it and what have you done with it? I love to hear these stories, they are so inspiring!


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