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Lazy Sunday

feeding chickens Jerome 2015

I went to visit my sister in AZ last week (her birthday was the 16th) and while I was there we did some touristy things – of course – and one of them was visiting an abandoned mining town called Jerome. I was fascinated by all the old machines and machinery and trucks and cars and stuff that was just left there, like people were either abducted by aliens suddenly, or they all said “to hell with this place, let’s all leave”.

There is a small family that lives on the grounds as caretakers. They have a burro, 3 goats, and a bunch of chickens, and we got to feed all of them. The burro was gentle and really fuzzy, the goats were pushy, and the chickens were fun. There were bossy ones who tried to hog all the food, there were some really hungry ones, there were flighty ones (not to be pun-ny), and there were some really pretty ones. There were a couple chickens there that had really beautiful feathers. So many different colors, all on the same bird, and some had fuzzy feet too. I like feeding farm animals, they are so much fun.

The visit was relaxing and fun and just what I needed. We did some great thrift store shopping and I found some good finds. Pants that fit and yards of material to use for bags. I can’t wait to get started.

First though, is my Trash2Trends project which is coming up next month. I’ve finished my final rendering and now it’s time to start on the pattern and fitting the pieces together.

final rendering 2015 frame

I’m so excited.

(I know, you’d think I’d be a little more animated when I’m excited, but it’s all on the inside. I’m really doing cartwheels on the inside. It’s all good.)

So my lazy Sunday won’t be too lazy, since I’ll be cutting the pattern and placing pieces together. That’s ok, this is calming for me.

Enjoy your day.


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