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Quote of the day

This past year has been very difficult for me, as you may know that my MIL was diagnosed last March with Stage IV colon cancer. She is stable now, but my husband has spent time away taking care of her. This has not been easy as we both depend upon each other to help around the house and with the dogs. I feel like a single mom sometimes (even though it’s not quite the same) and it’s been trying and tiring at times. I miss his company too.

With him taking care of his mother it has tested his patience as she is not a good patient. She can be cranky, obstinate and belligerent, even more so now that she’s sick. Unfortunately, his impatience has carried over to other things: household chores, running errands, other drivers, me, the dogs….it’s been tense. I have got to be the Mother Teresa of patience and I’m starting to lose it.

I planned a trip to see my sister for her birthday next week, so I am hoping that this time away will be good for both of us. He has the house to himself with the lovable and cute puppies to keep him company; I’ll have time with my sister in a new and exciting place I’ve never been before. And I hope things are easier when I get back.

Enjoy your weekend.


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