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I recently spent some time at Bok Tower gardens, and while mom was busy Ooohhh – ing and Ahhh – ing at everything in the gift shop, I discovered these really cool bracelets. These are made from the tagua, an ivory – like nut harvested from palm trees indigenous to the South American countryside.

I really like the fact that these nuts are an alternative to ivory. No more elephants need to die for their tusks.

There were so many vibrant colors to choose from, pink, blue, yellow, orange, I’d love to get more, but since I’m trying to  simplify I only picked two. In difficult situations as these – 😉 – I let the colors speak to me. Red is one of my favorite colors, and I thought the green was so happy and inspiring.

I got green for a new start and red to be bold.
My new years mottos.


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