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adding some new skillz

cute doggie sweater!

My mom knows how to crochet and she has crocheted us kids blankets and dish rags and slippers and scarves ever since I can remember. When my grandmother died, I inherited all her knitting needles and how-to books and even some yarn.

my mom even used to do macrame back in the day, but no longer. Now I just use that macrame yarn for tying up branches and sticks to bundle the yard waste to take to the curb. Sturdy stuff, and cheap too, you should try it.

So I have a hankering to try myself some crocheting and Toby – the cutest little puppy in the whole wide world – is in need of sweaters, since he has thin fur and he’s in the cold. I mean, how difficult can crocheting be? I mean, if I stick to the simple, easy stuff, of course. This one is an easy pattern, and free too! Just sign up at their website and get all the details on how to make your puppy the most fashionable on the block. After you make this, you have to walk him/her around the ‘hood and show off your mad skillz and how adorable your pup looks. Engaging your brain by trying new skillz helps keep alzheimers away too. True story.

what are you working on?


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