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repainting, reorganizing…just another fun day

new closet - gray frame

This is an old photo, but one I’m still so proud of. Sorry to sound silly, but I seem to have accumulated way too much stuff in recent years and my closet is now WAY overflowing. Since my mom is in town visiting, she’s helping me purge and clean, and even helping to repaint the room. It’s been years since any of that has been done, and it certainly needs it. We still need to clean the walls, I have to patch some holes and sand a few uneven spots, then take down the shelves before we can even get to painting, but at least we’ve started and made a good dent in the progress. I’ve got a box for goodwill, a box for a friend, and books to be donated to the library. I’ll probably rearrange the room too before all is done.

It feels good to get rid of all the stuff I no longer need or use. All that clutter is clogging up my brain and creativity, and there’s science to back me up. I’ll feel much better once it’s all done.

Next, I work on a couple closets in the hallway.

What projects are you working on? How’s it going? Do you feel better once it’s done? More accomplished, less cluttered, and proud of yourself too, I’ll bet.


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