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Lazy Sunday

Rainy bored Sunday 11.9.14

So it is raining here this morning. Which means it’s kinda cold (considering the time of year). Normally a little rain won’t keep us from the dog park, but it’s raining a little harder than I would like, and…it’s cold. And for us I mean it’s in the 60’s cold. I’ll go out in a little drizzle, I have a rain coat and a little rain doesn’t bother the dogs, but if the dogs get in the lake water (which they will) it’ll make them extra cold and then they just won’t have a good time and then you get the extra mud and dirt from it being rainy and they just won’t air dry at all and then you have more of a mess in the car when it comes to trying to dry them off…. blah blah blah. You know the drill.

So they are bored. And look bored. And if the rain lets up later today, we’ll go for a bike ride to the neighborhood park and hang out there for a bit. The rain is expected to subside a little later today.

Until then, I will do what I don’t get much chance to do here in Florida, snuggle on the couch with tea and socks and a blanket and scarf; and puppies, of course.

Enjoy your day, whatever the weather.


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