Civics Class

Census record from 1930, showing my great-grandparents (yellow) and paternal grandmother (pink)

So today is the day that we exercise one of the rights and privileges of living in this country, the right to vote. Sometimes I’m just in awe of all the rights and privileges that we (sometimes take for) are granted in this country, and how lucky we are to have them. I think of my ancestors, where they came from, and wonder if they were ever given the same privileges, and if that’s part of the reason why they decided to make the long haul across continents and oceans, to have these priveleges.

My family comes from very humble beginnings. They were poor people, hard working people, people who worked the land and earth and made the most of what they had.

I call them hearty peasant-stock.

They had gardens and made their own clothes and reused and recycled before it was cool.

So that’s where I get it from!

Most of my family had a modest education, and could read and write. I’m thankful that an education was important to them, which meant I got to go to school, to get an education. Being a school geek, I totally appreciate this.

So for my family, my ancestors, I voted today. I like to think they would be proud. If you voted today, regardless of for whom (since we may not agree), I am proud and glad you did.

And after work, I’ll settle into my pajamas, maybe make some popcorn, and watch the race results come in. BIG fun being an adult, huh?


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