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Lazy Sunday

Duke likes to sun himself
Duke likes to sun himself

It has cooled quite a bit here, (if the temp in my car was correct, it was 44° here this morning), but the sun is out, which makes it more bearable. Duke likes to sun himself in the backyard, summer or winter. Winter, I understand, but the summer just floors me. He has this thick coat of fur (I think he’s part shepherd) and likes to lie in the sun in the middle of the afternoon in the heat of the summer. Go figure.

Anna and Lola Nov. 2014

Anna likes to lie in the sun too, and Lola hangs out with her “momma”. The sycamore tree drops some pretty big leaves. Many years ago I raked all the leaves into this pile on the other side of the shed and they looked so comfortable (and I was tired from raking) that I decided to have a rest in the leaves. I swear I fell asleep for an hour. It was awesome.

E n T pumpkins Nov 2014

The garden box is mine and I am so happy to have some lettuce growing! Salads are one of my favorites ~

leafy greens are good for you!

~ and my brother and his wife gave me these 2 pumpkins and the little squash, isn’t it cute? I usually make pumpkin bread out of pumpkin, but this year I decided to go crazy and make some pumpkin soup. It tastes pretty good, if I do say so myself, and I’m saving the seeds to attempt to grow my own. I haven’t had much success with pumpkins/squash, those type vegetables. I do well with leafy greens and root vegetables. I’m not complaining, I like those kind of veggies, but I would really love to grow my own pumpkins. I love me some pumpkins.

Not too lazy today. The cooler weather has inspired me to keep active, same with the puppies, so for the rest of the day we are relaxing, snuggling on the couch, and having pumpkin soup later.

Enjoy your day.


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