Follow up Thursday

Yesterday’s photo was of my big old dog Scotty, probably around 2007, at the dog park. He loved to hunt fishes, did I tell you that? He never caught any and was a terrible fisherman, as he was not very stealth like, but he had a good time with it. He would always jump and lunge at the fish when I pointed them out to him, like I think he thought he could step on them and catch them, which never worked in his favor. We would walk the water together, only about knee deep, and I would point out the fishes, his head darting from side to side to try and keep up with where the fish were going, and every so often he would get inspired to try and pounce on a fish. He never stuck his head in the water to catch them, which I thought odd for a dog, since they carry things in their mouths.

Here he is, resting after fishing. He never swam, he just waded in the water. He was a funny dog.


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