thought for today

I was thinking recently about how easy it can be to reach a certain goal; whether it’s weight lost, a school degree, a certain yoga pose or stretch, or just a new habit; something you’re trying to improve upon in life or a bad habit you’re trying to drop. Reaching that goal can be the easy part, but it’s the maintaining that’s difficult.

Maintaining a good eating habit or exercise routine, maintaining the handstand or headstand, maintaining the habit of not irritating your spouse/partner or getting into stupid arguments, and maintaining your brightness when you don’t really feel like being so nice or chipper or pleasant or positive and you just want to be left alone and be a grouchy bitch.

That’s the hard part.

We all have our days, and all we can do is try our best. And our best will vary from day to day, depending upon how bright we feel like being, amirite?

May you have a bright day today.


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