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Monday Motivation

large banner bag Oct 2014

You remember Rogue sitting on my material yesterday? Well, this is part of it. I was working on this bag yesterday and she was “starving” –

– read: I didn’t feed her fast enough so she made herself highly visible and a cute pest

– so she made herself comfortable on some of the other material that I had lying around. I’m finally putting to use the rotary cutter I have and I’ll tell you what, I don’t know why I waited so long. This thing is genius!

Just a hint: don’t use your finger to turn the blade. Very very sharp. 

I have a plastic measuring tool to make sure I cut a straight line, and in one swipe, I have made a perfect cut! To tell the truth, I’m cutting this material to bits just so I can use the rotary tool, it’s awesome! It saves so much time and is so easy to use! (and no, I was not paid to make this endorsement).

Anyway, I am cutting the material to bits, into different size patterns to see what I like the best, meaning, what is easiest to work with, what is a good size bag that’s not too large or small and is still functional. This one I think could be a bit smaller, but nevertheless, someone will like it. I even put two small pockets on the outside.

I’m going to test drive it first, then make any necessary adjustments before putting it on the market. Any suggestions?


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