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Follow up Thursday


That beautiful material you saw yesterday is now a scarf! I found it at a thrift store and loved it so much I had to take it home. It was originally part of a really cute dress, but it was ripped around the waistline and I didn’t see any way to fix it, so I figured I could make something out of it. Plus,  it’s silk, and for $3.50 I couldn’t turn it down.

Here’s the original dress:

dress to scarf

Yes, the dress and my favorite jeans hanging on a cat tree.

(Hey! I use what’s available, ok? stop poking fun at me…)

Anyway, the top part I still have, but not sure yet what to do with it. I’m keeping it for damn sure, it’s such nice material. This gives me incentive to look for other nice silk stuff at thrift stores. You can find some of the best stuff at thrift stores…


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