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Monday Motivation

favorite pair of jeans

I don’t like jeans. They are too tough and confining. They don’t bend or breathe very well. So when I finally found a decent pair that was lightweight with a lot of pockets, I snatched them up.

The only problem with being lightweight is that they wear through too easily. I’d rather not have my bright pink leopard print undies showing through at the dog park, so I’ve had to patch these pants. Over and over and over again. These are iron on patches, but I’ve found them not be sufficient as they pull away from the fabric, so I’ve had to reinforce them with some zigzag stitching. Soon, they’ll be nothing more than patches. It’ll just be a pair of patches that I’m wearing. At least they’ll be comfortable, and these jeans have lots of pockets. I have to have lots of pockets to carry stuff. Pockets and patches, that’s all I need.


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