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I cut down the orange tree

The one in the backyard, that came with the house, that one. The one that gave me some good fruit for about 5 years, but hasn’t given me anything for the last 12; yeah, that one.


Why? Why did I do it? Because as beautiful and as sweet smelling as it was, I wasn’t getting much out of it. It’s not a good shade tree and the rats ate the fruit.

Why did I cut it down? Because it was time. It was time to say goodbye to something I was used to, and comfortable with, but served me no purpose. Because it was time to try something new – a new tree perhaps? A new part of my life? A new beginning? I’ve heard that a beginning is the start of some other beginnings end. And as sad as I am to see the end of the tree, I can always plant another one in its place, and see what grows from there. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.


So I cut down the tree. And I can’t wait to see what comes up next.


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