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A whisper in my ear

Do you ever get the feeling that some invisible force is pushing you in a certain direction? Not a hard push, but a reminder, that you really should be going a different way? Or you hear a little voice in your head –

Not the crazy kind that you need medication for, mind you

– whispering to you to turn a certain way on your life’s path?
Yeah, that’s the one. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately and more so today.


I’ve been thinking, for some time now, of going back to school, and moving to do it, and getting a job at the University where I want to go to school.
Because I like the school, and so they’ll help pay for it, naturally.

I’ve put it off, due to my MIL health (in case I’m needed), but mostly I think it’s because I’m scared. I’m comfortable where I am, it’s easy, convenient, and not a bad gig. I just feel like I need more, you know?

Well, the stars have aligned and the universe was talking to me today, saying that what I was looking for is still there, and it’s waiting for me. I need to take another look.

So, guess what I’m doing this evening? Looking again.

Keep looking.


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