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Quote of the day


Today I am choosing to be happy. At least as happy as I can be. You see, my little kitten, as I called him, died suddenly on Wednesday.

Moses was a fighter, he was brave, he was a sweetheart, and he taught me a lot in the 5 years he was with us. I’ll miss listening to his purr as I held him, I’ll miss his orange fur, and I’ll miss watching him hop as he walked.

My face and eyes hurt a lot less, since I’m choosing to be happy today; happy that I knew Moses, happy that I got to spend time with him, and happy that I could give him a good home for the short time that I did.

May you be happy today.


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day

    1. Thank you Dom. I am happy that I had the time that I did with him, and I try to remember those happy times. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.


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