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Quote of the day

Emit your own frequency

This is such a good quote/saying/phrase/words to live by that I had to post it.

I may post it and repost it and post it again, who knows, I like it so much.

I don’t know what, exactly, prompted me (maybe propelled is a better word?), but I started emitting my own frequency out there, and imprinting my own intent on the universe, just recently. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t set my own boundaries in my relationship and felt put upon, maybe I had let myself become too much absorbed into a relationship and lost myself along the way, or maybe I was tired of feeling like I had no options, like I had to wait/ask for permission, instead of just freakin doing it already.
Whatever the impetus, I’m glad it happened. I feel calmer, more at peace, more empowered, and more confident than I have in a long while. Things are just starting to click for me now, you know? Effortlessly, like it should be.

Big sigh

May your day be effortless.

P. S. If anyone knows the origin/creator of this graphic, please let me know so I can give cred.


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