Follow up Thursday

Yesterdays photo is of the cactus and tree growing in the backyard. The cactus keeps reaching for the sun, and with all this rain, the tree is doing some awesome growing of its own. The poor cactus may get grown over the way this tree is growing.
After the hurricanes of 2004, I had a bunch of weird plants growing up in my yard. The tree was one of them. Not that the tree is weird, it’s just I didn’t plant it, or plan it, it just showed up. I think it’s some kind of oak. Nevertheless, it has turned out to be a great tree. It’s grown fast – which I like – and offers a lot of shade to that side of the house (the west side). Some of the bamboo grows up into the tree, making for an interesting view – oak and bamboo? huh, didn’t know it did that.

Anyway, it keeps my house cool, which is the objective. Besides giving off oxygen and being a place under which the dogs can rest after a tough afternoon of chasing lizards.


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