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Follow up Thursday

These cute little puppies from yesterday came from our local animal services. They were given up by their owners and were at an Off-site adoption event when I took this photo. There were actually 3 puppies, 2 boys and a girl, part of a litter, that were up for adoption and I’ve since found out they have all found new homes!

Ever since we adopted 3 of our dogs from animal services, we wanted to do a little more to help, so we decided to volunteer. We’ve learned a lot about dog handling and dog behavior, and we’ve learned a lot about ourselves too, in patience and tolerance, as well as communication, not just with each other but with the animals. Body language, mood, and behavior show your communication to an animal, as opposed to constant conversation. I found this Cute little graphic on the Animal Foundation website  by Lili Chin that describes a dogs body language, and another site that includes a great graphic on How to properly approach and pet a strange dog, A really good thing to know, for kids and adults alike.

Now if only I could get my husband to do the “hello I love you!” greeting stretch when I come home…


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