busy busy

We had an eventful past week.

We went to a concert on Thursday night, and on Friday night. We were up way too late past our bedtime. We tried to make up for the time on Saturday, but our regularly scheduled day kicked in,

read: the puppies woke us up to go to the park early

so we weren’t too successful there. We ended up not going to the park on Saturday, but took the puppies to Nate’s sisters place, as we were helping her pack up a few things. She has a great dane, so our dogs had a good time walking under the legs of her dog.

Sunday we did next to nothing. We did take the dogs to the park in the early morning. They ran and swam and played. I discovered that Anna likes to chase sticks in the water. She doesn’t swim too far, obviously, but she has fun chasing the sticks. I swear the cooler water gives Lola a burst of energy. Once she’s in the water, she takes off like a shot out of the water and runs around in circles trying to get someone to chase her. She leaps and jumps and tries to get Toby to play with her. They were all exhausted after that. Thank goodness.

We watched half of the new season of House of Cards, and I’m anxious to finish. We stopped only for me to watch the newest episode of Downton Abbey. LOVE that show. Needless to say, we were up past our bedtime again, so we’re especially tired, again. It doesn’t help that some kind of cold has been going around here at work. That may have something to do with it. Early to bed today!

Enjoy your evening.


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