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Duke in the studio


So this is what I saw the other day when I walked into my studio/work room. They all try for this pillow, but with Duke being the old dog and senior member of the pack, he goes for it first.

This is a simple pillow I put together from some items at the thrift store:
~ 2 king sized pillows
~ large piece of durable fabric (I check housewares for a tablecloth, or curtain, even a bedsheet would work.)

I thoroughly wash and sanitize everything. I put the pillows side by side, and then I take the fabric and fold it over to make a cover for the pillows.

Depending upon your fabric size, and in order to make even folds, you may need to squish your pillows together (yes, I said squish)

Once I had the fabric folded, I sewed it together on the longest side. On the short side, I sew on velcro. This way I have an opening to take out the pillows to wash them separately from the cover.  I personally like to have a removable cover, as it makes washing and drying the pillow easier, and if a pillow needs replaced, I don’t have to take the whole thing apart to do that.

I’ve made a few of these over the years for my dogs. They’re simple to make, inexpensive, I’m repurposing goods, and the puppies love it! A big win all around!


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