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Canvas belts to yoga straps


For my 15 minutes of creativity yesterday, I took the hardware off these canvas belts, to resew them into yoga straps. I turn over the end I just took the hardware from, by about 6 – 8 inches, and sew it back together to make a loop on that end. These I give to my students in my stretchy yoga class to help them reach into their poses. You put your foot through the loop to help get into forward fold and other bends.

These are repurposed from belts I’ve found at the thrift store (don’t worry, they’ve all been washed), and when the belt gets sweaty or dirty, you can throw it in the wash. Most of these belts are super soft too, so they won’t hurt your hands, or feet, when you’re using them.

What pretty colors!

I found this pretty belt, but I’ve decided to leave it as a belt. It’s too pretty to take apart.

Today for my creativity, I put together a soup in the crock pot. No recipe, just some black beans from a can and a bunch of vegetables I had in the fridge. I added some oil and spices, and it’ll cook overnight.

‘cuz, that’s how I roll. Living on the wild side, I am.

Have your own version of a wild night.


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