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15 minutes of creativity

A thrifty day today

So for my 15 minutes of creativity today, I started working on this pillowcase with the awesome pink flowery pattern on it, to turn it into an infinity scarf.

Yep, you heard me.

I’ve never seen such a vibrant pillowcase, or sheets for that matter. (shows you I don’t shop much, just thrifting). I thought it would be perfect for a scarf. So far, I’ve taken all the seams apart. Tomorrow I iron out the creases and sew it together. I’ll show you how I did it next Saturday when I share my ’15 minutes a day of creativity’ week. I hope you’ll join me!

My beloved and I stopped by the Downtown branch of our library for their seasonal book sale. My husband is on a record (yes, vinyl) and cd accumulation kick, so we bought some 42 CDs. Everything was half price, and proceeds go back to the library, so it was a no brainer. Some of our new collection is behind the scarf.

I hope you had a creative day!


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