crafty stuff · Monday Motivation

Monday motivation


I was so excited yesterday!

You know, when you’re a homeowner, you’re excited about the little things

We have 4 dogs and terrazzo floors, which means we do a lot of mopping. I’m tired of buying plastic crap that needs refills and then breaks 6 months later so that you need to buy brand new plastic crap to replace what just broke.

I had an idea

Why not take the wood stick with threads on one end of it, find a brush around the house with threads in it, put them together, add some wash cloths, some natural cleaner, and have at it! And VOILA! My very own repurposed, home made mop.

I felt like a frickin genius, I’ll tell you what. I was so proud of myself I was finding things to mop.

And I don’t like mopping.

I’m hoping the rest of my week is just as exciting. I hope yours is too.


2 thoughts on “Monday motivation

  1. LOL! I can relate! I just had my kitchen, and entry hall redone in wood laminate and the “Bona” mop I bought broke on day 1. I searched and searched for a replacement, and asked He-Man to make one from an old broom handle, but he didn’t do it. I finally found an industrial handle and mop-head at a big hardware chain store and ordered it. It came in last week. I really like it, and like you I can slap on a wash-cloth and be mopping in a jiff.
    I’m using Windex Ammonia Free to mop the floors. I love it! It’s the only thing that really cleans all finger, paw, foot prints, and stuff. With an 11 month old, and a dog I mop everyday too.


    1. That is awesome! So glad you found something that works. Quick, easy, and efficient, that’s the way to go. Good for you and happy mopping!


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