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Overcoming obstacles


Obstacles are a pain in the ass, right?

Let’s be honest here.

I think physical obstacles are easier to overcome. My solder seam doesn’t look right, I do it again. There’s a stubborn donkey in the middle of the road, I move him/her. Job done, let’s move on.

Intangible obstacles are more difficult to overcome.

Moses, Toby, beloved

Moses had some tangible, and intangible, obstacles to overcome when he first came to us many years ago. He had lost his back right leg due to abuse, and had psychological scarring due to abuse. With some help, love, and understanding, he is pretty much healed. He’s such a sweet kitten, feisty too.

My beloved has his own set of intangible obstacles to overcome

Like many of us do

I’m giving him all the help, love, and understanding I can to help him recover. Some of these intangible obstacles are bigger and mightier than I knew, or expected. I consider myself a pretty good dragon slayer

Figuratively of course

But I can’t do it all, and I can’t do it alone. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I am hoping for a good outcome. Only time will tell though, and if not, I know that I have done all I could.

Here’s to all the optimistic dragon slayers overcoming obstacles


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