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Yoga Thursday – for Anna

Looking for squirrel

If you don’t know, we adopted 2 more dogs recently for a grand total of 4 dogs now in our house, and three cats. Anna is one of them.

Yeah, we’re a little crazy. Although, to be honest, my dream job would be to have acres and acres of land to house and rehab domestic pets and farm animals. I did a presentation for my under grad degree that showcases what I’d like to do. It’s a few years old, but still relevant.

Anna was an owner surrender/police seizure. The story goes that she was hit by a car some 2 months ago. Because of her injury, she no longer has use of her right front leg.

Anna and Toby napping

As you can see, she has adapted well.

Her lame leg gets in the way though, so she is having surgery tomorrow to remove it. I know, it’s heartbreaking, but her muscles on that leg have atrophied to such an extent due to lack of any motor movement. The nerve damage is done, and without that leg in the way, she’ll be much more agile and not as side heavy or clumsy.

Lola and Anna, best buddies.

I’ve set up a page to show case her, and her abilities, in the hopes of raising some donations to help pay for the surgery. We’ve had a few, so far, and we’re grateful for any we get. She’s such a sweet girl, and for only one year old, she has a lot of life left.

So, long story short, my yoga practice last night was dedicated to her. We’re reminded in yoga to do for others, to dedicate our practice to something or someone else. To feel gratitude for this body and breath that we have to move, and to clear our minds to practice solely for our dedication.

I am grateful to have my four working limbs (arthritis be damned) and practice for her who only has three now.

Happy yoga Thursday


2 thoughts on “Yoga Thursday – for Anna

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the thought. No worries, I know we’ll work it out one way or another. Good luck with your little girl. Have fun with her.


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